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Cider Option

Post by HopMonster » Mon Jul 03, 2017 9:09 pm

My wife has a gluten intolerance, which is mercifully not full blow celiac . The difference is a nasty step forward. Anyway, I made cider the other day using a packaged crush and Lavalin 4x4 yeast. I plan on splitting the batch as half straight and half with a raspberry addition (dry berry if you will). So the first portion gets bottled back sweetened with lactose, then a few weeks later the berry addition. I am planning on using 2-3 lbs of berries, but I am thinking on the lighter end because the body and base are so much lighter.

Comments and thoughts desired.

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Cider Option

Post by mchrispen » Wed Jul 05, 2017 8:22 pm

A couple of things... watch the pH of the ferment. Keep it 3.4-3.8 during the ferment. You can use potassium carbonate or chalk to buffer. Also ferment very cool - somewhere in the range of 60F if possible. Rehydrate the yeast with GoFerm, 1.25x by weight of the yeast.

As for berries, I use that much per gallon. I also buy small hard apples or forage for crab apples. I make pie, and keep the skins to use in secondary fermentation. Adds a lot of apple aroma and tannin that helps bring some structure.

One final thought, consider stabilizing with sorbate and meta-bisulfite. The dosage is pH based... so google it to find the right dosage. This should allow you to backsweeten with honey or brown sugar syrup to bring a lot more flavor to the party!
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