HLT 'out' modification?

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Re: HLT 'out' modification?

Post by 28thDay » Wed Jun 12, 2013 10:12 am

OneEyedGiant wrote:I had a VERY easy brew day on Sunday. Essentially, I inadvertently started to fill the MT with water the old way ...from the bottom. Well by filling from the bottom, it fully filled the lines. Once I got to the level of the false bottom, I shut off the valve coming from the MT and turned on the pump to fill the MT to the desired level, poured in all my grain, stirred it up, began circulating and it worked. I didn't have to prime anything. This is going to be the way I do it from now on. It was so easy it was funny.
This is pretty much what I do too. Bottom fill the MT from HLT until water hits the FB, then use pump to transfer the remaining water as I slowly mash in.

One thing I have encountered is when sparging, even with the HLT dip tube, once the water level hits the dip tube TC connection I lose the siphon. It doesn't do this when I mash in, I guess because the pump/valve is open 100% vs maybe 30% when sparging. Anyone else encounter this? I've replaced the TC gasket, ensured everything else is snug, and it's happened 4/4 times I've brewed on my system (Dec 2008).

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