How Do You Clean It

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Re: How Do You Clean It

Post by Stoney » Wed Jun 05, 2013 11:17 pm

Meegs, just a word of caution regarding not rinsing. The spec sheet you provided indicates a dosage rate of 11 oz per barrel of SaniClean. If you use that dosage, then that comes to 2772 ppm. 11 oz/(31galx128oz/gal) = 0.00277218. This is equivalent to 2,772 ppm. The spec sheet also says that if you use at an amount >250ppm, you should rinse with potable water.

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Re: How Do You Clean It

Post by AmandaK » Mon Jan 20, 2014 11:33 am

New owner of a used Sabco here, but I started with a Acid #5 wash, followed by a rinse through the whole Brew Magic. I'll probably do that every 5 or 10 brews, depending on how quickly I end up brewing on this thing. On normal cleaning days, I do a PBW wash and follow that with a rinse from the HLT straight though to the Chill-zilla.

I do not sanitize it before I start boiling in it.

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Re: How Do You Clean It

Post by aml » Wed Jan 22, 2014 9:47 am

Nice to see a Brew Magic Forum back!

I do a full clean after every brew day... either right afterwards or the next day.

Mash Tank and Brewkettle are taken off the stand... hand scrubbed + rinsed. False bottoms go thru the dishwasher.

Water + Oxyclean heated to 150o F in the HLT... pumped / recirculated back to the HLT for 30 - 60 minutes.

Pumped to Mash Tank... recirculated back to the MT for 60 minutes... flame as needed to maintain 150o F.

Gravity drop to Brewkettle... recirculated using Chill Wizard back to BK... flame as needed to deliver 150o F... again for 60 minutes. The first gallon or so through the Chill Wizard is discarded so that initial green hop material does not get run back into the Therminator.

Followed with a thorough rinse from HLT to MT to BK through Chill Wizard... paying attention to piping, valves and dead-legs.

Seems to do a good job - I have only taken the heater element apart one time for inspection and it was spotless.

I will do a little disassembly / inspection around the thermocouple area as others have suggested...


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