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Overnight mash?
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Author:  Silver_Ant [ Thu Apr 14, 2016 1:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Overnight mash?

Anyone out there done this?

Been thinking about this for a while, haven't attempted it yet, but with family and kids and work and life, I am finding it hard to breakout a few hours to do a brew...

Here is what I am thinking:

In the late evening 10pm-ish
-Setup and add brewing salts
-Single infusion or step mash
Let it run at temp til morning

Next morning 6am-ish

-add sparge water to BK and Bring to mashout temp (quicker heating with larger burner)
Pump it up into HLT add sparge salts

Be done by 9am-ish.


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Author:  Hooch [ Thu Apr 14, 2016 2:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Overnight mash?

I haven't tried it. Seems do-able on paper. But my only concern would be picking up any wild bugs, brett or lacto with such a long mash. There's no guarantee that the BM will keep mash temps consistently over such a long period of time, Worth giving it a try though. Between now and then, I wonder if folks with other capable systems like the MoreBeer sculptures, Blichmann, or others alike, have tried it.

Give it a shot Silver_Ant and report back please.

Author:  Silver_Ant [ Thu Apr 14, 2016 3:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Overnight mash?

Good thoughts Hooch,

I am not too concerned with the wild aspects. Keeping the lid on it should prevent anything from dropping in. Any Brett should not have a chance to get established in this time period.

Did some looking around for information on Lactic Bacteria growth. Seems they may survive mashing temps, but do not replicate/reproduce until the temps drops under 115 F. ( ... 488&org=11)

I think I am going to setup and try with water first. I am concerned the Controller may stop after a certain amount of time, and if the recipe stops on the controller, it is possible that the pump and heater stop as well.

I wont have time this weekend, but may setup and try it next friday night. (April 22nd) I will let you know.

Any info out there on the longest mashes anyone has done? My personal longest is a 4.5 hours with triple decoction.


Author:  Silver_Ant [ Thu Apr 28, 2016 1:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Overnight mash?


Water only testing complete. I combined this test with a 24 hour PBW clean on the mastun and piping. All small SS parts went into the MT with the screens and other bits.


Blockoff plates installed on the output port to the BK
Blockoff plate installed on the port for the LT


Mash tun filled with disassembled ball valves, clamps, screens, SS filters. Basically anything that needed a good soak.


6 tablespoons of PBW went into 14.5 gallons of water (filled the mashtun) This water was straight from the hose bib, so it was at ground temp.


Started the PLC and as I checked on it I was able to raise the temp a few degrees at a time.


4 hour in - temp raised from mid 50s to over 100 only using rims tube. No fire on the MT. The rate is faster than this, but did not stand there and baby sit the system.


PBW working


24 Hours Later - pump and RIMS still working regulating temp. Master timer stopped at 6 hours, brew timer stopped at 10 hours


I have saved the session, and once I have some time, I will connect my computer and download to inspect. Its interesting that the RIMS heating element can raise the water temperature by a degree in 2-3 minutes. Thinking with grains in there it may take a little longer.

Next steps:

Test the system with a mash. Will run most of the profile with a flame for quick temp changes.

Test how long it takes to raise the mash temperature with a fully loaded mash tun (Filled up to the recirculation port is located). Thinking a simple SMaSH recipe that i can split post mash for other experiments. Once the ramp rate has been calculated, determine if a step mash profile can be fit into a 6 hour cycle without using gas to heat the mashtun.

End goal:

Generate a overnight mash recipe that step mashes with a very gradual temperature ramp so the PLC does not call for applying external heat.
Mash in at approx 130C. Stir, establish a grain bed, start pump, set valves, begin recipe and walk away til morning where the system will be sitting at 168, and ready to drain to the boil kettle.

Anyone examine a saved recipe? I believe it is saved in XML, but i have not saved one to my computer yet so I do not know for sure.

Author:  HopMonster [ Fri May 26, 2017 11:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Overnight mash?

Long time no nothing out of me, sorry gang. Good to see Hooch is still holding down the fort!

Here is the concern I would have, extracting tannin. You are looking at a 12 hour mash, give or take, and that would concern me. I did a barley wine last year and parti gyled off an ESB and a Porter. I did this in the past with a ported from an imperial stout and it was fine, but something went sideways that go around and there was a huge tannin issue (astringency and pencil shavings in both beers). The only thing I could find is that while the boil was rolling along on the barley wine the grains were re-mashed for another like 2+ hours.

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