A24 yeast, any thoughts on Omega?

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A24 yeast, any thoughts on Omega?

Post by HopMonster » Wed Feb 21, 2018 10:09 pm

I am trying Omega yeasts for the first time. I love SD Super Yeast, but it is hard to get regularly. Omega has 200B cells, so that is a big plus. I got A24/Dry Hop yeast in hops of getting something similar. There have been mid-80's attenuation reported, while leaving a fruity/hoppy profile. I am using primarily Idaho 7, so that fruity complement should be a good combo. It does seem a little slow.

The package says it is medium floc, and I realized a few minutes ago that I missed a irish moss type addition, but I have jello.

Anyone else have experience with Omega?

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